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AFLCA Practical Observations/Assessments

With Marjorie O'Connor

  • The practical observation checklist can be found on the website under forms.

  • Review each component to fully understand what is expected of you before you video yourself teaching the class.

  • You can do your assessment with a small group or larger numbers. Even having one person will work. It can be done anywhere as long as it is safe and you follow the guidelines on the observation form.

  • You can invite MOC to a ZOOM session, send your video via You Tube, Drop Box, Google Drive or Mail your video on a USB stick (along with payment) to:

    • FIT International​

    • 10680-69 Street

    • Edmonton, AB

    • T6A 2T1

  • Cost is $50, cheque payable to FIT International or e-transfer (email: Question: what is Marjorie's twitter Answer: mocfitness


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