Marjorie’s CEC Specialized Signature Training Programs

Presented by Marjorie O'Connor, FIT INTERNATIONAL

Thank you for taking an interest in the AFLCA series of certification courses conducted by Marjorie O’Connor.

To understand the process of becoming fully certified as an AFLCA leader, check out the Provincial fitness unit website:

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 MOC Certification Workshops Fall 2019  


TIME: 8:30-4:30 pm
COST: $220.00 ($209.50+GST)

LOCATION: ATHX Performance Training Gym,18019-111 Ave NW

CEC's: AFLCA 8, CanFit Pro 4PTS 4FIS, CSEPT 8(G), SPRA 6

Experience MOC's signature twist on flexibility training. With an epidemic of injuries, imbalances and repetitive stresses due to lifestyle and overuse, Marjorie's 8 hour workshop will demonstrate and provide a hands on approach with a variety of stretching techniques that can be easily incorporated into any program. She creates the mind-body connection while integrating the multiple layers of circulatory flow and fascia lines, myofascial release and traditional stretching and joint range of motion techniques. You will leave the 8 hour course with a repertoire of mobility and fascia line exercises that will easily flow into your classes, private sessions and for your own personal growth. The session will utilize body weight, foam rollers and bands to help improve posture and balance, relieve back and shoulder pain, increase range of motion and provide effective stress relief. Be prepared for some YOU time as well as learn moves to help enhance OTHERS lives.

To register: contact Donna at


To register: contact Lana at or 403-560-5262


DATES: Sunday, October 27, 2019

TIME: 9:30-5:30 pm

LOCATION: Mount Royal University

COST: $299 (includes GST)

CEC's: AFLCA 8, CanFit Pro 4 PTS 4FIS 

This is a signature power fitness strengthening program that re-defines the body by focusing on the gluteal muscles, leaning out the thighs, carving the abdominals and sculpting the arms and back. It’s a fierce workout that scorches calories, melts body fat, builds confidence and improves posture.

We will demonstrate how you can use a chair, a body bar, your own body weight, and a barre to lead an effective class (don’t worry if you don’t have a barre at your facility).  Light hand weights and a band will be integrated showing great arm, gluteal and balance work.  MOC’s 8 hour CEC top rated program will focus on breaking down the Barre methodology, how to effectively target muscle groups, cueing/instructing, and maintaining a smooth class design.  Leaders will earn how to effectively take both a beginner and an advanced client through a MOC Barre Method class.


DATES: Sunday, November 10, 2019
TIME: 9:30-5:30 pm

LOCATION: Mount Royal University

COST: $299 (includes GST)

CEC's: 8 AFLCA CECs, CanFit Pro 4 PTS 4FIS, 7.5 CSEP

Come and learn with Lana and Melissa an amazing twist on flexibility training. With an epidemic of injuries, imbalances and repetitive stresses due to lifestyle and overuse, this 8 hour workshop will demonstrate and provide a hands-on approach with a variety of mobility and fascia techniques based on fascia lines that can be easily incorporated into any program. This cutting edge stretching program is ideal for high level athletes, weekend warriors and for people who have muscle imbalances due to sitting at computers and overuse injuries.  


TIME: 8:30-12:30 pm

LOCATION: Mount Royal University 


MOC Barre Method 2 will add variety to your classes with easy to implement props (hula hoops, mini bands, ropeless jump ropes to name a few) to progress clients and add a new dimension with a ton of new choreography ideas and program designs.

Take your group teaching to another level with this idea extravaganza. Ideas, ideas and more ideas!

(No Previous Barre Training Needed)

MOC LA Knockout: HIIT It Out of the Park! - CALGARY

TIME: 1:00-5:00 pm

LOCATION: Mount Royal University


It’s cardio boxing and kickboxing to the 10th degree! Jab! Kick! Sweat! Jump! Bob and Weave! ….the HIIT way. You will burn calories to superior cardio fitness in this fiercely energetic workout is inspired by LA Boxing and HIIT! Combine basic moves and interval training. It’s basic, it’s hard. Push yourself to your limits.  HIIT it!

This workshop combines the power and finesse of boxing/kickboxing techniques with the rhythm of fitness and the intensity of HIIT to create an explosive total body workout that is fun, challenging and can be easily taught to all fitness levels.

Combine both courses (Barre 2 and LA Knockout) together for $250.00 for a full day of training!


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