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Crestwood Community Center 14325-96 Ave 

Youth Pass $120 (10 Classes) 16 years of age or younger

15 Class Passcard $290

Drop In Fee $20

Purchase a gift card for a friend or family member and give them the gift of MOC!


Monday’s 9:30- 10:30 a.m.

Marjorie O’Connor’s dynamic and high energy class is the ultimate exercise training program!!!! It is designed to improve functional strength with her unique blend of aerobic/anaerobic drills, core conditioning exercises, full body integration and innovative use of equipment.

All levels will truly get a total body workout! Every week is something new, exciting and invigorating!

Modifications for all levels and age groups. Running shoes are used in this class. And bring a mat if you have one.

Be ready for fun indoors and outdoors! All levels can play! Bring the kids!!

NEW!!! MOC Cardio/Barre

Tuesdays 9:30-10:30 a.m.

MOC TRAMPoLEAN Bounce and Barre is an advanced cutting edge Cardio Barre Class combining one hour of heart pumping Bellicon Cardio Sequences with MOC Barre Sculpting. Specialized moves on the rebounder can be done with barefeet, soft soled running shoes or barre sox. (can be purchased at class). The class is designed to define and sculpt while scorching calories PLUS a ton of FUN! THE Fountain of Youth!!!

MOC Stretch Therapy for Hips, Back and Shoulders

Tuesdays 7:45- 9:00 p.m.

$20 drop in (or class pass)

Marjorie's signature MOC stretch therapy class focuses on 30 minutes of full body lengthening to warm and manipulate the fascia and muscles. Alignment techniques and fascia line patterns flow from one move to the other. After the flow, 45 minutes of foam rolling and other stretching tools are used  to work the fascia. You will release chronically tight muscles and break up restrictions with unique and creative exercises. The concept of tissue mobility is of even greater importance after injury because new layers of fascia are laid down as scar tissue. If this tissue isn’t broken up, mobilized, and properly aligned, it can cause problems in the future. Scar tissue from past injuries will inhibit normal tissue mobility and function. Marjorie’s class will provide incredible relief for athletes or anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis, hamstring tightness, achy Achilles tendon, sore knees, ITB syndrome, restrictive hip/thigh tightness and rounded shoulders. Come roll and flow. You deserve it! All levels of athletes and ages benefit from the class. Multi level instruction. You go at your own pace.

Eliminate pain, tightness and restore greater mobility this Spring!!

NEW!!! MOC YOGA Ball and Trampoline

Dates: January 10,17 and 31st

Wednesdays 12:00-12:50 p.m.

World renowned MOC Yoga Ball is BACK with the Trampoline to spice it up even more for 2018! 

Marjorie has brought back her famous MOC Yoga Ball class BUT added an extra element of playfulness with the rebounder! This class is perfect for everyone. A 50 minute class that blends the yogic principles of breathing, progressive stretching and amazing asanas that work effectively with the yoga ball plus the rebounder. Fun, unique and another signature design by MOC. No experience necessary!

MOC Cardio-Rebound with the Bellicon

Thursdays 9:30-10:30 a.m.

The ultimate fun workout designed to improve cardiovascular fitness, strength, agility and mobility. By alternating cardio segments on the Bellicon rebounder, integrated strength exercises, balance exercises, fun drills and innovative circuits, all levels will truly get a total body workout. Modifications for all levels and age groups.

Soft soled indoor shoes, barre sox or barefeet.

MOC Barre Method Intensive

Fridays 9:30- 10:30 a.m.

Come experience Marjorie O'Connor's full body barre flow workout, targeting the arms, abdominals, thighs and glutes. MOC Barre Method Intensive emphasizes technical execution while working the muscles to fatigue- developing muscle stamina and endurance, while incorporating isometric holds, interval cycles and stretching to ensure you get a complete and well balanced body workout. The class will build strength, stability and stamina ALL with her signature MOC Barre Method movements!!!  Plus get your inner rocker going with MOC drumming beats.

Barefeet, soft soled running shoes or barre sox (can be purchased at class).

MOC Body and Boot Circuit - Workout For All!! 

Dates: TBA

Challenge yourself to the MAX in this high intensity, fast paced, full body circuit workout with interval training. You'll push, pull, jump, tone, run/walk, bounce, sculpt and

smile your way to ultimate fitness!

Marjorie has designed the workout for all ages!!! This circuit class is designed to challenge your energy systems and motor control to perform at a higher output. Excellent

for young athletes in any sport. Bring the kids!!!

Held indoors and outdoors in the beautiful Crestwood Park, this high-intensity circuit class utilizes moveballs, rebounders, skip and battle ropes and tons more "Tools of 

Love" to provide the ultimate strength and cardio workout.

Get ready this summer to bring your best for one hard HIIT-ing fun and fierce class!


Dates: TBA 

MOC/GA is another signature fitness class by Marjorie O’Connor and is bringing it to the Crestwood Community in 2017! It is a powerful and synergetic fitness class, exploring the relationship between select disciplines of exercise and innovative movement! Fluidity of action is created with lengthening and strengthening exercises performed in all planes. Marjorie uses her MOC moves from Barre, Pilates, HITT, Yoga, Stretch and Bounce to create an amazing workout experience for all!!

MOC Sports Performance Training Camp

Stretch for Success Athletic Mobility and Foam Rolling for the Young Athlete

Dates: TBA (Pre-registration required- $68.25 per 4 week session) email

Joint mobility, stability and flexibility are fundamental building blocks in sports performance along with core training, balance, proprioception and speed, power, endurance, reaction, quickness, etc. The more flexible the muscles are within normal range of motion, the more power they will be able to produce. Fascia mobility and rolling has become standard practice among many novice and professional level athletes across all sports because of the many performance benefits. Marjorie’s class will teach proper stretching techniques to help the young athlete reach new performance levels and help to reduce injury. Ages- 8- 18 yrs.


MOC Cycle with Myofascia Stretch Therapy

Wednesday's 6:30-7:30 p.m. Millenium Place

Call Millennium Place for Registration 780-467-2211 (refer to their Fall Guide)

Course # 116116 Sept 13-27

Course # 116117 October 4-December 13

MOC Tabata Barre with Mobility Stretch

Wednesday's 9:30-10:45 a.m. Derrick Club

Become a lean machine in this fusion class that utilizes a mix of intense barre work with signature MOC segments designed to push you to the max. This class combines the classic Tabata formula (working exhaustively for timed intervals followed by timed rest) with barre moves, cardio drills, free weights and sculpting exercises to strengthen and chisel the entire body. MOC will add new challenge every week to get you to the next level. AND BONUS...complete this workout with 20 minutes of mobility stretching and foam rolling to elongate muscles and work the fascia tissue for optimum performance. Multi-instruction for all levels. Wear running shoes or barre sox for the class.

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