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 MOC LIVE Class Schedule 

MOC LIVE Cardio Strength

This effective online workout includes a variety of functional strength and cardio exercises 

for every fitness level. Gear up for some great spring conditioning for ALL levels.

Every class is something new, exciting, invigorating and results based! Modifications for everyone.



MOC Stretch and Flow Mobility

"Release muscle tension, enhance mobility and increase range of motion

by focusing on the science of muscle and fascia"


Marjorie's signature MOC stretch mobility class focuses on full body lengthening to manipulate

the fascia and muscles using everyday tools that you have at home. 

Alignment techniques and fascia line patterns flow from one move to the other. 

Marjorie’s class will provide incredible relief for athletes or anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis, 

hamstring tightness, achy achilles tendon, sore knees, ITB syndrome, restrictive hip/thigh tightness 

and rounded shoulders. All levels of athletes and ages benefit from the class. 

Multi level instruction. You go at your own pace and only do what feels comfortable.

You deserve it!



featuring the Bellicon Rebounder


This MOC LIVE class combines all elements on the Bellicon or other cardio equipment for a full body experience. This ultimate fun workout has been designed to improve cardiovascular fitness, strength, agility and mobility. By alternating cardio segments on the Bellicon rebounder, integrated strength exercises, balance exercises, fun drills and innovative circuits, all levels will truly get a total body workout.  Modifications for all levels


Come experience Marjorie O'Connor's full body workout, targeting the arms, abdominals, 

thighs and glutes. MOC LIVE Chisel/ Sculpt emphasizes isometric holds, loads of reps,  interval cycles and stretching to ensure you get a complete and well balanced body workout. 

The class will build strength, stability and stamina ALL with her signature movements!!!   

September's focus of the month.....




15 Active Innovative "Fit for Function" Workouts

AND 4 Mobility Stretch Classes


Tons of variety to keep you enthused!

-You will automatically receive your 

morning message and video at 7:30 am 

with the “MOC workout of the Day” ready to go. 

-You have 5 days to complete the workout video before it expires.

(no extensions and non-transferrable) 

E-transfer payment to:


$99.00 + GST = $103.95 

price includes ALL classes for



$39.00 + GST = $40.95 

for September MOBILITY Stretch 

classes only

Strength/Cardio and Mobility to keep your BODY and SPIRIT HEALTHY!

When participating in any exercise program, there is a possibility of physical injury and an increased load on the heart, which may result in dizziness, shortness of breath, and in extreme circumstances, may result in a heart attack. If you experience any dizziness or pain, stop exercising immediately, and seek medical attention as required. By participating in MOC LIVE online exercise program, you agree to freely accept all associated risks, dangers, and hazards while participating. Consult your physician before beginning any exercise program

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