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Workouts/Practical Sessions

Rock and Roll (90 minutes)

Marjorie’s unique blend of heart pounding, metabolic exercises will introduce you to her 7 minute formula of program design! Using the Moveball for the ROCK portion of the class, she will rock your world with fun, challenging exercises in 7 minute blocks. NO rest! (unless you need it!) For the ROLL, she will be utilizing fascia rolling and stretching using foam rollers and other interesting tools in 7 minutes sequences. And of course Rock and Rolling to 80’s music!!!


Raising the Barre- MOC Method (90 minutes)

New to Barre classes? Or you need to Raise the Barre in your existing classes? Come experience Marjorie O'Connor’s full-body Barre flow workout, targeting the arms, abdominals, thighs, and glutes. Her method emphasizes technical execution working the muscles to fatigue to develop muscle stamina and endurance, while incorporating isometric holds and stretching to ensure you get a complete and well balanced body workout for all levels. The session will also include an exercise breakdown in relation to building strength, stability, and stamina with specific MOC Barre method movements. 


MOC Barre And Bike (90 minutes) 

Get ready to integrate the bike and the barre for the ultimate spin and sculpt workout!!!

The Bike portion emphasizes technique, quality of execution and lots of anaerobic/aerobic drills, upbeat music and moderately intense cardio hills and thrills for all levels! Walk away with ideas that inspire a creative fun cycle experience with unique sequencing using the bike as a ballet barre! Another one of a kind workout developed by Marjorie!


MOC Reuse, Recycle, and Reinvent (90 minutes)
Limited with space and equipment? No problem. This challenging workout can be done anywhere you dream. It’s a blast from the past and them some! Take all those old school cardio and resistance moves ever done and bring them up to speed; reinvent your class with a new feel and energy!  Learn a series of metabolic body weight exercises, with progressions and regressions to targeting mind, physical body, and soul. Isolated, multi-joint and real-life moves thrown in just for the joy of movement. Show up with the most important tool of all … your amazing body!

MOC Three Ring Circus - Practical (90 minutes)
Sports specific training at it’s finest! Join our ringleader Marjorie for this challenging three ring circuit workout. Marjorie has solved the problem for instructors and clubs/schools that have a limited amount of equipment. She will demonstrate how to teach three elements at a time for a fast paced, exciting Circuit Circus. This innovative program can be adapted for specific sports training such as basketball, hockey, and runners. MOC will show you all her tricks of the trade!

MOC Band Camp (90 minutes)

An innovative, fun and challenging class that incorporates tubing and bands and other creative ideas. Designed to train functional movement, dynamic flexibility, and create proprioception and postural awareness, this signature session will provide you with exercises that will train the body as a whole . Join Marjorie as she moves you through an invigorating workout that will leave you feeling strong, centered and moves ready to teach to your students.

MOC Bosu Technique (90 minutes)

The MOC Bosu Technique program will challenge you to the core with dynamic cardiovascular intervals, stabilization conditioning exercises for ultimate core integration, innovative balance techniques and effective functional flexibility exercises. Marjorie’s exciting and unique signature Bosu class takes function to another level and inspires the mind/body connection while training the body to another level of peak performance.

E.A.T. (Extreme Athletic Training) - Practical (60-90 minutes)

Marjorie will put your fitness level to the test in this grueling workout. This challenging program emphasizes muscular strength, speed, power and agility. This extreme conditioning workout is designed for runners, cyclists, skaters, hockey players and recreational athletes who want to increase overall fitness. This class format incorporates intervals, high repetitions, speed bursts, and power drills. Participants should be ready to “Go for the Challenge” and push their bodies to the limit! Remember to EAT lots before this workout!

MOC Boot and Body Camp - Practical (90 minutes)

The Athletic Body and the Peaceful Mind combined in a millennium workout! The Boot training portion focuses on anaerobic sports and cardio conditioning skills; the Body concentrates on active flexibility, core training and balance techniques. The workout can be adapted to all levels but the goal for everyone is to transcend to another level of peak performance.

MOC Technique – Practical (75-90 minutes)

MOC Technique will add a new dimension to your fitness program while increasing your strength, flexibility, and the mind/body connection. Marjorie will demonstrate a number of techniques to give all fitness levels a physical and mental challenge! Her signature fitness class will incorporate the following elements: Functional Endurance, Standing Pilates Technique, Joint Range of Motion, Core Stabilization Strengthening, Balance and Mind/Body Stretch. The program is the perfect cross-training approach for individuals that require functional flexibility and strength in their training program.

Yoga Ball Training - Activity session (90 minutes)

Come experience yoga inspired postures and stretching techniques on the stability ball. Learn how to incorporate the ball to help assist in flexibility training and how to improve range of motion, core strength and stability. This integrated program can be used with all levels of clients and students.

MOC Cardio-Rebound (2 hours)

Discover this low-impact, high results class. MOC CardioRebound works on a specialized trampoline with easy to follow, safe and effective dance and aerobic moves coordinated to music. While the workout comes from pushing down (resisting) the rebounding surface, the surface is soft, thus reducing injuries common to runners, athletes and the aging population. The class will help build bone and muscle density; improve coordination and balance; and eliminate toxins through lymph system stimulation. MOC’s innovative and multi-level program will also include a series of strength exercises as well as core and abdominal work.

MOC HIIT Moves (90 minutes)

This MOC program is designed to be a total body conditioning workout that incorporates the latest techniques in resistance training. Marjorie’s focus is on core and functional strength to define and refine….. using Body Bars, Plyo-balls, Tubing and Bands (and other fun stuff!) MOC Moves uses multi- level instruction for everyone.


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