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Running and Coaching Workshops

Running Clinic - Lecture and Practical Component (2-3 hours)

Pre- conference session or conference

A lecture and optional 45-60 minute run! This three-hour clinic will teach the basic fundamentals involved in running for recreation and competition. How to train for a 10 km road race, proper running technique, speed and interval training will be some of the topics discussed. Marjorie will put you through the paces, watching your style and giving corrections to improve your running performance and technique. Marjorie is an elite runner and has coached track athletes and cross-country runners for over 15 years. (10 km. P.R. is 37.18 minutes)

Running for Joy over 40 - Lecture (90 minutes)

Running has incredible impact! It has the unique ability to enhance the physical, emotional and mental well being of every age group. Marjorie’s training program for older men and women has a huge success rate. The workshop will explore the fundamentals associated with training older adults and provide you with a realistic and goal oriented program for those clients or groups that would like to begin running. Proper running technique, biomechanical implications and common concerns from this age group will be discussed.

Coaching for Success – Lecture (90 minutes)

With 20 years of coaching runners, team sport athletes and aerobic competitors, Marjorie will discuss the methodology involved in successful coaching. Effective coaches tend to follow similar principles to create champions. Use the same skills to coach your personal training clients and group exercisers to ultimate victory.

Presentation 201 – Lecture (90 minutes)

Presentation 201 is the next step in the journey to effective public speaking. Marjorie will get you on the starting block and down the right track to another dimension in your fitness career. She will teach the tricks of the trade on how to develop your speaking, presentation and marketing skills. Appropriate for fitness leaders, personal trainers, fitness directors and club managers.

Special Populations


The Pregnant Athlete - Lecture (75-90 minutes)

Marjorie will review current pre and post natal exercise related research and application to higher level training. What is too much? Find out the most safe and effective resistance training exercises and how to modify during each trimester. Along with the physical changes many athletic woman find they experience many emotions during this time - and not just the hormones doing their thing!) Come on the journey and learn more about working with the pregnant athlete. Lecture (75-90 minutes)



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