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Personal Training Specialty Programs

Great Muscle Results (90 minutes)

Mobile muscle conditioning equipment (free weights, tubing, physio-ball, body-bars, plyoball, etc.) offer more variety design options and stabilizer muscle training benefits than do weight machines. This workshop will focus on safety, exercise specificity, progression of exercise intensity and a “back to basics” approach to resistance training. Expand your knowledge and repertoire for use with individual clients and group fitness classes. This workshop is geared for strength trainers and group exercise leaders working with all age groups and specific needs.

Running Clinic - Lecture and Practical Component (4 hours)

A lecture and optional 45-60 minute run! This three hour clinic will teach the basic fundamentals involved in running for recreation and competition. How to train for a 10 km road race, proper running technique, speed and interval training will be some of the topics discussed. Marjorie will put you through the paces, watching your style and giving corrections to improve your running performance and technique. (10 km personal record is 37.18)

Stretch for Success - Athletic Performance Stretch (4 hours)

Learn the importance of stretching safely to enhance physical performance as well as reduce mind and body stress. Marjorie will demonstrate the A-I (active-isolated) concept of stretching and strengthening. Stretch for Success is suitable for athletic teams, aerobic programs and sports specific training.

Ultimate Ball Training or FAB AB LAB Practical/Lecture (2 hours)

Incorporating Physio-ball or Resist-a-ball training into your group exercise and personal training programs is an effective method to develop dynamic stabilization and strength in the core of the body. The ball allows participants to position the body into a supported postural alignment that is not always possible on the floor. Marjorie will be demonstrating tons of exercises that can be adapted to all levels.

MOC Bosu Technique - workshop (90 minutes)

The M.O.C. Bosu Technique program will challenge you to the core with dynamic cardiovascular intervals, stabilization conditioning exercises for ultimate core integration, innovative balance techniques and effective functional flexibility exercises. Marjorie’s exciting and unique signature Bosu class takes function to another level and inspires the mind/body connection while training the body to another level of peak performance.



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