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Corporate Keynotes, Lunch & Learns &  Motivational Presentations

As a leading professional speaker, Marjorie entertains and motivates audiences as she spreads her message of the benefits of laughing often, moving towards better health, and inviting a positive outlook into your life! Each presentation is customized to the needs of the organization.

She is a dynamic presenter for corporate Wellness Days, Women Retreats, Lunch and Learns, Professional Days for schools and organizations and any event that requires an active motivational message.


It’s A Juggle out There

Marjorie O’Connor will jump start the group with motivational tips on how to include fitness in our hectic lives. Her upbeat presentation will look at the importance of holistic balance for optimum health especially as we age. She will provide the group with realistic ideas on how to increase our energy and smart exercises to increase our functional strength.

Keeping it Functional and Injury-Free

Marjorie O’Connor will be teaching us smart and functional exercises to help increase energy and decrease stress and strain throughout the day. Her series of FUNctional movements can be easily incorporated and will motivate us to keep active for life!


Keep Moving and Improving

Marjorie’s presentation will examine the importance of holistic balance in overall physical, mental and spiritual well being. She will motivate the group with ways to keep active for life. Marjorie will discuss trends for the future and the latest techniques to achieve optimum results. A group interactive component will be included in this session.

Energize Your Body and Spirit for Life


Ready, set, Get Up and Go! You can do it…. really you can! Join Marjorie O’Connor, Woman of Vision and International Fitness Presenter for a fun- filled, motivational session that looks at the importance of holistic balance for optimal health, especially as we… dare we say it… age. She’ll provide us with realistic and practical tips on how to incorporate wellness - and fitness- into our hectic lives. Better yet, she’ll show us! Remember, your body is counting on you. It is, after all. the thing that carts your mind and spirit around. Look out…. Marjorie’s enthusiasm is contagious.

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